Zosi HD 800TVL Home Security System Review

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Product: Zosi HD 800TVL Home Security System
Price: $109,99 (retail)
Cheapest Place to BuyAmazon.com
Guarantee: 2 Years Full Warranty + free life-time tech Support + 90 day money back policy.

I’ll continue my review journey to show you only products I saw working in real life and for which I have a direct experience. The Zosi HD 800TVL.

This home alarm system review comes for the simple reason that I own this product and I personally advice to install it to my clients. Let’s start from the fact that security cameras provide immense benefits; apart from capturing movements within the area, this can also be your clinching evidence once required.

There are increasing numbers of security cameras being offered in the market today. Some comes with motion sensor which turns on just before recording; while others have internet connection that let users remotely controls the light. The clarity and durability this camera provides is superior, you are given the opportunity to watch clearly the intruders face. Trough this, you will realize that this is worth of your money, time and effort.

You no longer need to read various review just to come up with effective purchasing decision. With Zosi 8-Channel CCTV System, therefore you are able to maximize security without hassle. This has the ability to be in belief of being under surveillance to prevent intruders from entering the premises. Once intrusion occur, the camera can become your ultimate source of information which aid bring justice to injured party. If there is one reason behind its popularity, it’s no other than but the price. Despite its state-of-the-art features, this comes in a very reasonable price.

Product Features of the Zosi HD 800TVL:

  1. This product comes with Indoor and Outdoor day/night waterproof Bullet IR camera.
  2. Make use of 4.6 mm lens, and IR 65 feet 20 m night vision
  3. 800 TVL high resolution sensors provide “clear images” even its dark in the surrounding. These are commonly used in indoor areas like home, factories, offices and more.
  4. Images are viewed easily using mobile phone anywhere and anytime.
  5. The 24 pieces IR LED’s automatically activates when it’s low light or dark. This display “black and white” night vision capability over 65 feet.
  6. The BNC connect can be plug into any TV, security monitor and DVR.
  7. Lifetime quality technical support and one year warranty.
  8. The camera provides “black and white images” during night and colored video during day time.
  9. The packaging includes mounting screw bag, comprehensive user manual and TVL bullet camera.

With great number of security cameras available in the market today, it’s better to purchase a product which is highly recognized by many people. The Zosi 8-Channel CCTV System established a reputable reputation in security industry. The price is not the main reason why people prefer it, but it’s the ability to provide long lasting clear and dependable images and software.

The Pros:

  • The product provides exactly what is promised, no hidden surprises.
  • The camera works well even when it’s dark.
  • These allow you to capture theft easily because of the clear images that let you see and highlight the face of the suspect.

The Cons:

  • Requires brightness and contrast adjustment to get quality and clear footage.
  • The quality of video is average compared to more expensive models.

zosi home security_3

The Mobile Aspect

The importance of being connected cannot be underestimated. I want to be able to see constantly what’s happening around my house and every product I advise has to have some form of connectivity. This one makes no exception and in fact, as a result, you can:

  • Set motion detection alert
  • Receiving instant notifications and email alerts
  • Push notification are sent through the app without you even having to check your phone.
  • you can then send a buzz to the system that activate the alarm in case someone walks around your house.

I hold in great consideration the trust you put in me and my site and I advise this product without the slightest of a doubt. Should you wish to know more click here

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