Women’s Self Defense. First The Attitude Then The Training

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Why am I interested in women’s self defense? Because I’m a husband, a father and brother of all female figures, right? The sensitivity of the topic of women self defense has always been part of my life. Growing up with a little sister and later on, when I became a martial arts instructor and now as a father and husband.

More than a hundred countries lack specific legislation against domestic violence. More than 70% of women in the world have been victims in the course of their lives of physical, sexual or verbal violence by men.

That’s why I think that before diving into any women’s self defense technique it is vital to develop the right mindset.

Such as Institutions tools and policies favorable to the creation and maintenance of women’s associations. Everyone fighting all around the world any form of violence against women, equipping them with any useful tool, starting from the law, to develop lines of contrast to these forms of crime.

Counteract the violence against women

woman self defenseThere are many obstacles in the world that have contributed to limiting any further progress in terms of women’s self defense: without strong forms of collaboration and sufficient funding, progress will not be made to combat violence against women. Let’s take the shaming culture as first. I personally still hear in my courses men saying that a woman that goes around dressed provocative is basically like if she looks for it. This is primitive, insensitive and intellectually sub par. No one is authorized to any form of violence.

Especially against women and kids which maybe (not always) are physically less capable to defense themselves. The fact that a woman wishes to appear nice and why not, sexy, is something that should be greeted. Celebrated in her honor, not exploited only because like a caveman someone thinks men owns women. This is also the obvious result of centuries of oppression by religious bigotry.

I teach in my courses how to immediately cool down these primates in the clubs and in the streets. For now it’s enough to say that I identify in the lack of education and retrograde religious formation the main cause of this mentality of violence in men.

Women’s self defense in the era of social networks

Something must have happened in humanity’s mind to allow the level or anger we experience every day on the social woman self defensenetwork. Personally I don’t have any public profile where I share every single details of my life, which is also the best way to get a visit by a burglar. Through a constructive discussion, never imposition, I managed to maintain Facebook free also my wife and my daughter.

Some Stats

If even Amnesty International has to intervene to state that Internet can be a threatening and dangerous place for women it means that somewhere along the line we lost it. revealing their research data involving around 4000 women aged between 18 and 55 in each of these eight countries: Denmark, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden and the United States of America, . Out of the 911 women that suffered harassment or online threats, 688 of which were on social media. More that two-thirds!

More than half of the women surveyed (55 percent) reported periods of stress and anxiety or panic attacks following online harassment and threats by social media.

Now although I’m a big advocate of having only business related social profiles, I can understand that deleting one’s social presence it’s a solution not every one is willing to endorse. However, women online are faced with something that does not end when they cease to be online. Women can receive death threats as soon as they open an app. Living in fear that erotic or intimate photos circulate online without their consent.

All of this with an incredible speed: a harsh tweet can generate a wave of hatred in just a few minutes. Social media companies must begin to seriously consider this issue. My suggestion is to draft a sort human rights manifesto for the online world. Violating such regulation should bring to the immediate ban on the social world by the name and the IP address. Because the sacred privacy that we all protect must stop being used as a synonym of impunity.

Violence against women on the working place

metooWhen it comes to women’s self defense, since the mid 90s, the international attention has grown on the theme of violence against women. Currently available data show that the phenomenon is widely widespread. Let’s see some stats about sexual harassment on the working place:

  • In the United States, 83% of girls between 12 and 16 have suffered harassment sex in public schools.
  • In the countries of the European Union, between 40 and 50% of women have undergone sexual proposals unwanted, physical contact or other forms of sexual harassment in their workplace.
  • Studies conducted on small groups in Asia-Pacific countries indicate that from 30 to 40% of working women suffer some form of harassment – verbal, physical or sexual.
  • In Australia, one in five people (21%) were sexually harassed by the age of 15; one third of women (33%) suffered harassment, compared to less than one in ten (9%) for the men
  • The majority (68%) of these people have suffered workplace harassment. In Australia a quarter of women (25%) suffered sexual harassment at the place of work.

My Family Self Defense System

I developed through the years a system that has been able to help many women, kids and families in general. I called it Family Self Defense (FSD). This because it covers in their entirety all the security areas of a modern family inserted in the current society.

This means that nothing is left out and nothing is underestimated. From the Home Security Systems to the real self defense. Yes, 99% is unfortunately scammy and dangerous techniques just to get your monthly subscription to a gym). Passing from the only real and effective women self defense and the anti bullying techniques. Everything has been proven to be effective and in line with a civilized school environment as it should be.

Lastly but not less important is what is called environmental self defense which teaches you how to be safe in public places and generally when you’re outside of the safety of your home. This is my life mission and I’m going to share all the above on the page of this site. In the meantime, which is the area that interests you the most? Share in the comment section your experience.

4 thoughts on “Women’s Self Defense. First The Attitude Then The Training”

  1. Hello! Wow, I really love this article. Thank you so much for speaking on this topic. I am a huge advocate for self-defense courses. My dad taught them for years while I was growing up and the techniques learned can seriously save lives. I have an 11 month old daughter and we plan to start teaching her self-defense very early. It is invaluable! Thank you for this article!

  2. Hello, excellent article, this is so important to share. I know of so many women who are too ashamed to talk about violence being done to them. I was a victim of domestic violence (twenty years ago) and I ran away from it. I also used to live in Mexico City where I had to rent a studio in an expensive neighborhood, just for safety reasons, and where I could not walk around in a mini-skirt for fear of being molested. When I went out to buy tacos in the evening, I always took my dogs with me, for protection. Living like this is very limiting … Women are not “asking for it” when they dress sexy or nicely. Sometimes we just like to look nice without provoking some kind of attack.

    I could use some advice. I live alone (I have 7 dogs) and I only have one neighbor nearby. That neighbor (an old woman) seems to have a personal vendetta against me because I defended myself against her nephew who verbally attacked me on my property last year (he was vicious) and who later made attempts at intimidating me for several weeks by driving by my property and leaning over the steering wheel to make sure I knew that he “was watching me”. Since then these people have been harassing me and I am just waiting to gather evidence against them to move against them legally. I was thinking of buying pepper spray in the meantime. Any suggestions?

    • Thanks for sharing your story and yes you’re doing the right steps in using the law to protect yourself first. Yes the pepper spray is always advised although it needs a bit of training to use, which I’ll cover in a following article. As your issue is also related to the place you live I cannot avoid to advice you what I say to everyone. Call a blacksmith and ask him to secure your entrances. He’ll know how, but it is crucial. You must feel safe at home.

  3. Yes, I did that. I also have 7 dogs who protect me. They witnessed my neighbors’ aggression, and so they do not like them getting close to my property.
    I will definitely check out your new article 🙂


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