A Home Security System. How Important Is It And Why You Should Get One

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Installing a home security system can be costly but it is worth your money. In a year, there are over 2 million reported burglaries in the United States. On average, there are about 4 burglaries in one minute, 240 burglaries in an hour which makes it roughly 6000 burglaries in a day.

These are very alarming statistics and that’s why the ultimate strategy for a home owner is to install some sort of protection. But is it really worth it? Or is it just waste of your money? In this article I am going to discuss about the importance of a security system and how your home or business will benefit from it.

Burglars will pass by your home

That’s a fact that it can’t be hidden. Houses, condos and building in general are their work field. Most of the burglars are smart and trained people and the result of this is that in smart will try to break in a home which has security system. According to the electronic security association, 90 percent of burglars are likely to pass on a home if they notice that it has a security system.

A security system will not only protect your house but it will also protect the neighboring homes. Wondering how that is possible? It’s very simple, a burglar wont risk breaking in a neighborhood where one of the homes has security system. This because some of this electronic devices, like cameras, are capable of monitoring a large area and the videos recorded can be used as evidence.

How will a burglar know your home has a security system? If your security system is installed by a security company, then there is going to be a sign outside your home indicating that your home is being monitored 24/7. Also, the cameras installed by your doors and windows are easy to notice. When a burglar notices this features, in most cases he will move on to find an easy target. But if the crook is stupid enough to try to break in your building when there is a security system then you can count on the alarms. They’ll alert the police and if by chance he is able to leave before the police arrive, the cameras will be used to reveal the identity of the burglar.

A home security system provides you remote access to your home.Home Safety Wireless

With the advanced technology in this generation, the modern security systems are super effective. If your house is installed with this modern security systems, you will be able to monitor everything happening to your home or business even if you are not in the house.

Depending on the provider who installed the system, you can be able to monitor everything happening in your house by the use of installed cameras throughout your home. If you are using more advanced security systems, you can be able to control door locks, thermostat, and lights among other devices in your home.

For example there are some companies who offer HD wireless video cameras that provides images at 720p and 30 frames every second which can be accessed remotely from your phone or PC. The system includes audio and night vision which will effectively monitor your house 24/7. Controlling some of these devices from a distance will help you feel more secure. For example if you don’t want your children to access a certain room, you will be able to lock the door even if you are not present in the house.

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A home security system reduces homeowners insurance cost.

If you have installed a security system in your home, then it is highly possible that you won’t need to file a claim with your insurance company. If you don’t often file claims, it will save you up to 20 percent of the money you pay your insurance company.

Let’s do the math, the insurance cover usually costs 35 dollars per month if your home has a worth of 100000 dollars so if your home is like 300000 dollars, you might end up saving up to 250 dollars in a year. When you install an approved security system, you won’t have to cover some things like burglaries and fires. The cost of an insurance cover usually depends on the number of things you are going to cover, payment options, location and other things but having a security system installed will reduce the amount you pay. Contact your insurance company and see how you are going to reduce the premiums after installing the security system.

Improves electricity management.

As we have already established, some of this security systems comes along with web enabled devices to help you control some things in your home. For example if you had forgotten to turn off the lights when leaving for a vacation with your family, you can turn them off from anywhere in the world from your smartphone. If you left your curling iron plugged in, you can turn it off from anywhere. This will help you manage your electricity effectively and save some extra bucks that you would have incurred if you didn’t have a home security system at all.

Notifies you of fire or if there is a gas problem.

These highly technologically advanced devices provide an option of opting in to receive notifications if there is a fire or a gas problem. So if there is a carbon monoxide problem or fire problem you will receive a notification. You can then go ahead contacting the relevant authorities to fix the problem if you are far from home. This option can also be set up with the relevant authorities and they are going to receive the notification directly and they can act on the situation as soon as possible.

Conclusionfamily safety

You need to Make room for peace of mind. A security systems provides you with some sense of security and peace knowing that your properties are as safe as possible. This might be the greatest benefit of all because having peace of mind will help you become a more productive, healthy and focused individual. It gives you an extra line of defense against burglars. It does not matter if you live in your own house or you live in a rental, a home security system will help you make room for peace of mind. Guaranteed.

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