The Best Wireless Home Security System. My Top Picks

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Looking for the Best Wireless Home Security System? Look no more. Home security is one of the topmost priorities of homeowners nowadays, and we’re going to dig deep in this topic.

Security cameras are being installed when the house is still under construction. This is to ensure that their electrical wiring and other considerations are addressed at a time when the electrical layout of the house is being installed. However, this is a requirement only for traditional wired security systems.

The latest addition to the security equipment, known as wireless home security system, does not need any kind of wiring or drilling to install. These systems are not only affordable but also quite reliable and offer a wide range of extra and useful features. They can be installed any time during or after the construction of a house.

Finding the best security system according to your needsbest wireless home security system

Wireless home security systems come with a number of basic and additional features. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can find the best system to protect your home.

Some of the unique features that most people like in wireless security systems include:

  •  Mobile control/remote monitoring
  • Connectivity with other devices
  • Professional and reliable monitoring
  • Easy to maintain equipment
  • Additional sensors to detect movement

Mobile means peace of mind

Probably the best and most useful feature of a home security system that does not involve any wires is the ability to monitor your home from a remote location. This is also known as mobile control.

You can easily download an app on your smartphone. And by using it you can see the live footage from the security camera installed at your home. Not only this, you can also check if you locked the doors and be notified if someone is ringing your doorbell.

Modern security systems are difficult to intercept or break into. Unlike traditional wired systems that mainly depended on the telephone line to work. Wireless systems come with a cellular backup, which makes them highly reliable and always available.

Best Wireless Home Security Systems

The wireless systems also come with modern cameras that offer full-color real-time footage in HD unlike the old black-and-white blurry picture. Another feature that the user might be interested in is known as home automation technology. This feature allows the user to connect to various appliances or devices in the house and control them remotely through the app. You can adjust your thermostat or lock/unlock the doors and even turn the security system off while sitting miles away from your home.

The right wireless security system for your home

Now you understand the differences between a modern security system and a traditional one. It’s time to purchase the right wireless security system to protect your home from intruders. Some of the features that make a system more preferable is its ease of installation, simplicity and reliability. These systems may range from $500 to $1,000 and even more depending on the manufacturer, number of equipment and specifications.

My top picks

If you’re looking for a one-time purchase security system instead of a month-to-month plan, we recommend Wink Lookout Smart Security Starter Kit by Wink. It comes with the basic starter kit including a hub, a motion sensor, siren, door and window sensors and chime. It is a DIY home monitoring kit and very easy to set up. You can easily download the Wink app and start using its features right after it has been installed. The hub has been designed to connect and control more than 400 devices in the house. The devices that can be controlled using this system must be made by Philips, Nest, Ring, Yale and a few other manufacturers.

Another popular home security system that includes 14 items is Fortress Security Classic Home Security System. Its main unit or hub is fully programmable and comes with an auto-dialer. In case the system detects a security breach, it will automatically dial one of the numbers on the list to notify the user. It also includes passive motion sensors and door/windows sensors to detect any break-in. In addition to the basic components, it also includes two RFID tags, one panic button and two remote fobs. If you want maximum protection, while you’re away from home, you can enable the “Away Armed” mode to turn on even the motion sensors.

Time to decide

Both these systems are designed not just for homes but also for offices and apartments. They are affordable and easy to install. The wireless range of these systems can be expanded by using signal repeaters. In case you have intruders at home, the motion detectors will sense motion and the siren will go off. In addition, you can monitor your home using the app by seeing the live footage from the camera installed anywhere in the house.

There are many other similar systems available out there but these two have been found to be the best so far.
Some of those systems may require professional setup by an expert. Others involve DIY installation and are quite easy to set up.

Some of them might include a two-way intercom system. This allows you to communicate with people at home while you’re traveling. The best thing about these systems is that you can control them remotely. And you can do it from anywhere in the world just by connecting to the internet and controlling it with the mobile app.


When it comes to buying a wireless home security system, you are presented with two options. Either to go for a monthly subscription or buy your own system by paying a one-time cost. The ones available for personal use may not include a lot of accessories, but they are fully functional systems consisting of all the basic items you are going to need. There is no contract to which you are locked in and it is totally affordable. You have the ability to control your devices remotely using just the app that comes with each and every one of these wireless systems. You can disarm the system in case someone you know needs to get into the house and doesn’t want to trigger the alarms. The system can be re-armed again simply with the push of a button.

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