The Best Self Defense Weapons And How To Pick Yours

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Self defense weapons are a complex and delicate subject. However, it is worth exploring what we can and cannot have on us when we are around.

The risk is to believe that we are perfectly within legal boundaries, when we find ourselves having to defend ourselves or our loved ones. While instead risking to spend an unpleasant night in a jail cell or worse.


In order to possess and carry a firearm it is necessary to obtain a special license from the public security authority. For the sole detention at home, it is enough to get clearance to purchase and hold weapons. For transportation, instead, a license to carry weapons is required.

Both licenses can be granted by the public security authority only if certain conditions are met. Moreover, the motivation justifying their request has to be clearly mentioned. For example, think of the license for hunting or sporting use.

It is also possible to request a firearm for personal defense. In this circumstance, however, it is necessary to prove that the weapon is used for one’s own personal defense. Which must be in some way threatened. For example, the license for personal defense can be granted to those who engage in a particularly dangerous activity. The classical example is the jeweler who, for the nature of his work, is exposed to robberies and assaults).

kitchen knifeWhite weapons

This category includes all the blades. Yes, even the kitchen knife. Have you ever heard the story that if your blade is long no more than four fingers you can carry it around? Well, forget it. It’s an urban legend. Do you know why? Simple. Four fingers of whom? My four fingers are certainly not the same as the Lebron James’ ones.

Secondly, legend has it that no vital organ can be found less than 4 fingers from the surface of the skin. This is also false. Just think of the carotid artery, which is almost on the surface.

What matters is the context. If the police come and find you having a barbecue with your friends, they won’t arrest you if you have a kitchen knife. If they find you with the same knife on the subway, you go straight in jail. No questions asked.

If you have a jack-knife while you are hiking, no one will bother you. If you take it with you to a club while everyone is dancing, again, you go to jail. Bottom line. Use your brain, first.

Anti-aggression weapons

Given the necessary premises, let’s see what are the main anti-aggression weapons that you can keep at home without need to carry weapons.

  • Pepper spray

The pepper spray (or stinging spray) is undoubtedly the first self defense weapon that comes to mind when you think to your personal safety. It became well-known for the success it had in the fight against aggression towards women. The pepper spray is a convenient defense tool for several reasons:

it is simple to use;

You can take it with you when you’re aroud;

it does not require any license, because the pepper spray is not considered a weapon, as long as the capacity of the can is not more than 20 ml.

The pepper spray can only be used in case of self defense: this means that it cannot be used as a mean of offense.

  • Chili pepper gun

The pepper gun is practically equivalent to the pepper spray, apart for its greater range: the gun contains an irritant gel with a jet capable of hitting the attacker up to 10 feet away.

Also for the pepper gun no license is required, being among the legal self defense weapons. It is easy to use and safer than the normal pepper spray. Unlike the latter, in fact, the gun can be used in any environment, open or closed, as there is no risk that, under certain weather conditions (wind, rain, etc.) the stinging substance may backfire to the user.

  • The electric stunner

Among the anti aggression self defense weapons for which there is no need for a license, there is also the electric stunner. It is an instrument of limited size and weight, powered by batteries, capable of emitting electrical charges able to weaken the attacker.

The electric stunner should not be confused with the taser, which, unlike the stunner, is qualified as a real weapon (even if it’s not a firearm) and for which it is necessary to have a license.

The electric stunner does not require any license, it is freely available for purchase but it is forbidden to take it with you when you are on the street or, anyway, outside your home.

Improvised self defense weapons

What falls into this category? As the name suggests it must be something which first use is not that of a weapon, but which used as such is capable of causing some form of damage.umbrella

Now, I know what you’re thinking. The rolled-up newspaper of Jackie Chan’s films. Yes, that’s fine, but let’s be practical. How many have the time to roll up a newspaper in a dangerous situation?

The best self defense weapons are the ones you can grab quickly and without hurting yourself, such as an umbrella, a vase or a bottle etc. Anyhow, whatever can be traced back to another purpose other than that of a weapon.

Except for the umbrella on a rainy day, an aid in favor of the self-defense case in court, in case of legal dispute, also comes from the fact that you found the improvised weapon on the place of the attack and not brought from your home.

Your brain is the best of the self defense weapons.

Have you ever heard “the best defense is running away?” Well It’s true. Very true.

I have been in the fighting arts for 30 years and yet I think so too. I have known in my career real fighting MMA machines that in the cage of a controlled match become unstoppable, which advise the same. Always avoid confrontation on the street.

Even the legendary Jacko Willink recommends the same in one of his podcasts. Why? Because fighting in the street ALWAYS ends badly, even when you are the one who remains standing.

Years of legal disputes can ruin families and put you on your knees financially. It doesn’t matter if you’re right. It doesn’t, because unless you use certain tricks that I will describe in the next post, nobody will see things as you saw them when you experienced the event.

Here is a brief story, where too much alcohol and testosterone ruined the life of a College friend of mine.

One night at a club, his girlfriend at the time was rather aggressively harassed by some drunk guy. My friend, in his prime and pumped from the kickboxing workouts we were having together, punched the guy on the face, who fell immediately unconscious to the ground.

He stayed in a coma for three weeks.

The last time I heard of him (about 5 years ago) he had spent hundreds of days in court and already paid over 180 thousand dollars in lawyers. All for something he did without thinking.

Is it worth it? Absolutely not. He should have taken his girlfriend and bring her somewhere else. And trust me, he knows that too now.

Instead, what is important is to come back home to those you love. And if this means running away, risking looking scared or a coward to your friends, so be it. You will be the one to close the front door behind you with a smile in the safety of your home.

4 thoughts on “The Best Self Defense Weapons And How To Pick Yours”

  1. Wonderful information about defense. I have 3 daughters and have always taught them that their brain is the best weapon in any negative situation. If you look around, or pay attention to your surroundings, you will find something that can be useful to escape. It could be something as simple as dirt thrown in the eyes of the attacking person. I am very pleased with your information. Thank you

    • Thanks! If you wish another tip, keep always a handful of 1 cent coins in the pocket. When thrown, they provide an excellent distraction, without harming anybody.

  2. Great advice in here. Some people try to be heroes and stand their ground, then get killed needlessly. We’ve never experienced a break, but I do have my bat ready if necessary.


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