Best Wireless Home Security Systems. How to Choose Yours.

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Let’s look the best wireless home security systems for your house, because I truly think this could be the single most important choice you can do for your safety. Why I think this? Because as I explained here I have reasons to protect my family and in the past years I helped all my community to do the same.

Did you ever have thieves walking inside your home?

I did. And although no one got hurt, it is an experience that I wish for nobody.
If you had this experience you know what I’m saying. What a blow to the heart is to find the door of your home tampered with and open, just to enter and see everything upside down.

You literally feel the ground missing under your feet. A nightmare.

Before assessing the economic hit, the first thought is almost always the violation of your privacy. You keep on compulsively imagining strangers walking around your house, touching your things, etc. And then comes the feeling of lack of security that leads you to irrational thoughts like moving, hiring armed guards etc. If you can regain your lucidity you realize that the right step to do is to secure the entrances to the house as I explained in this article and then invest in a security system. My advice is to direct you to a wireless one.

So are you looking for one of the best wireless home security systems?

Let’s start with the camera
Until a few years ago to install one of the best wireless home security systems it was necessary to ask for the help of specialized technician.

Now with the advent of the online shopping giants things are changing and the final consumer can take charge of this choice. Purchasing and subsequently installing the product all on his own is a breeze now, without having to rely on third parties.

This alone, is the most tangible revolution that, without a shadow of a doubt, contributed to cut the costs for the final consumer.

The same companies that until yesterday had only dealt with traditional wired systems, mainly addressed only to professional installers, have begun to address their wireless security systems directly to the customers.
In recent months we are witnessing an increasingly widespread integration of home automation products which can dialogue with each other and contribute making our homes even more performing and optimized.

This has greatly increased the level of control that can be experienced in one’s life. Thanks to the smartphone it is now possible to have full control of our home.
But what is most important, of course, is security.
As we said until a few years ago having an alarm system integrated in the electric wires of the house meant a considerable cost together with the fact of not being able to upgrade or replace it easily.

Those times are gone

Anyone can now install, configure and operate their wireless security system without any problem.
The performances are the same as those of the integrated wire systems, with the advantage of a remote management and the possibility of expand our network whenever we wish.

What should we look for in the best wireless home security systems?

What is most interesting to me is the level of security that a system can guarantee to my house, right? In the market there are many types of wireless alarms which represent a particularly practical solution given the simplicity of installation without the need of masonry works.
Let’s see what the characteristics of a good wireless security system must be.

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Anti-jamming systems

A wireless system that works on certain frequencies may be subject to random interferences. However most of the time they are intentionally broadcast by the burglars to compromise its functionality. The anti jamming system present in the control unit, when it realizes that two frequencies out of three are unavailable, triggers the alarm automatically.

Communication mode

An alarm system to be truly performant, on top of triggering the siren in case of intrusion, must also warn the user of the danger. A wireless system with adequate performance features has both network connectivity via a Wi-Fi Ethernet cable connection, as well as a GSM 3G / 4G sim card.
The user will have an app to interact with it via smartphone. This allows a real-time communication with the owner of the property and alerting him to the possible violation of his domicile. In practice, it is possible to receive a Push message directly on the relevant app but also simultaneously an SMS and a phone call to the previously stored numbers.

Number of frequencies

When choosing a wireless security system it is not necessary to dwell on the features common to all the models but look at some of them specifically. A decisive aspect for the effectiveness of this type of products is the number of work frequencies.
The best performing systems work with three different frequencies. For example, sensors and siren could communicate with the central unit with frequencies of 433, 434 and 868 MHz. Moreover, the more advanced systems allow the simultaneous broadcasting by the same sensor or siren of three distinct signals on three different frequencies.

Anti-removal protection

A quality security system must provide for each device installed, especially outside, some protections that prevent its removal and at the same time detect tampering or damage.


In a wireless system all the components work power supplied by batteries. The best wireless home security systems devices guarantee a 2 year autonomy. It is however important to periodically check the various sensors, video cameras and the siren. This to be sure that the batteries have an adequate level of charge.
In the high end systems, all components at a given regular time interval, send a status signal to the control panel with the battery charge level. If any operating anomaly is detected, the user will be promptly notified via the app and a text.
Some models integrate the batteries with small photo voltaic panels to guarantee greater autonomy and avoid interruption of power to the sensors, video cameras and siren.

Ease of management

It is important to choose a model that is easy to use. Better to opt for systems with a very intuitive interface with easy-to-set settings and configurations. From this point of view it is better to buy products made in USA. They are designed and developed with software specifically designed for the American customer.
Many models are equipped with a web interface. This allows its use via PC or smartphone for maximum simplicity and ease of management. This can naturally also take place remotely without forcing you to intervene directly on the keypad of the central unit.


A good wireless security system must ensure adequate expandability. The fact of being able to add sensors, sirens, video cameras, with ease is undoubtedly an added value. Also, check the compatibility with other brands, in order not to be limited to choosing only a particular brand.


To be sure that the system always works with maximum efficiency, the software must be constantly updated. The guarantee of this aspect can only be obtained by choosing high-end products with manufacturers that ensure constant updates.

We’ll get to these details in more details in future products review, but in the meantime

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I’ll be happy to reply to your questions on this topic. Just leave them in the comment section here below. I read and reply them all.

4 thoughts on “Best Wireless Home Security Systems. How to Choose Yours.”

  1. I have been looking for a wireless home security system as I have been having a few issues with a couple of local kids that have been vandalising my garden shed but I don’t know the first thing about what type I should get

    It all seems very complicated to me but I just want a system that doesn’t need much setting up and that will cover the area I need to keep an eye on

    I don’t need anything fancy, just something simple that will do the job and catch these vandalising idiots in action so I can either show it to their parents or take it to the police

    Can you recommend anything that isn’t too expensive and that will do what I need it to?

    Thanks for your help 🙂

    • Hi Matthew, thanks for reaching out, your issue is more related the necessitiy of a video footage, for which I can definitely recommend the product of a company called Zmodo, here you can find a very cheap solution for your needs I’d like to know how your issue proceeds. take care

  2. I feel like these kinds of systems are good options for the average home users. They will prevent an upcoming attack by someone who knows that you’ve got alarms installed and will prevent them from getting far in case they do break in.
    The thief does have a slim chance of escaping (though I highly doubt this applies to the average burglar), but it’ll be very difficult for him due to the camera’s at least having his outfit recorded and having contacted the local authorities..

    Obviously, these systems can be improved upon more if one is willing to pay money. Imagine an alarm system which traps someone breaking in. But they’ll suffice for the average home.

    • that’s indeed the purpose. Safety is granted also by coverage. The biggest the area covered by the cameras the less is the chance that someone gets close. On top of that all these systems are triggered by many factors, one of them being the movement, so that only who gets unjustifiably close to your house gets recorded.


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