Best Home Alarm System: A Honest Review

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You want to know which is the best home alarm system because a house is a sound investment and having spent a considerable amount of your income on either rent or mortgage, you want and actually you must protect it.

When I come to protecting your home, locking all the windows and doors every time you leave is not a guarantee that everything inside will be safe. Not even keeping a fierce dog or cultivating a cordial relationship with your neighbors is enough. But a combination of all these plus turning to modern technology will sure give you peace of mind whenever you are away.

Which kind of technology is this?

The modern technology we are talking about is the home alarm security system. While these devices have proved their worth over the years, still many people are not completely sold on their effectiveness. Many homeowners often focus on the price instead of the benefits.

However, numerous home alarm security systems are way cheaper than you can imagine. Most companies that provide these services charge the average fee of between $20 and $40 monthly. In addition to equipment and activation costs.

The best home alaBest Home Alarm Systemrm system’s “musts”.

The features of the best home alarm system vary from company to company as well as the plan that you choose. In most cases, the basic plans are often a simple ring alarm. This alarm goes off when some enter your home without entering the correct password. The security system is usually linked to a 24/7 monitoring service that will send the distress call to the police if the alarm is triggered and the owner of the house does not confirm it was a false alarm.

A shield for burglars

Alarm systems prevent buglers from breaking into your home as well as increasing the chances of catching intruder if the system features a camera. Even if the burglars will succeed in breaking into your home; they wouldn’t get away with much. According to a study by the Electronic Security Association, if your home uses security systems and still falls victim to burglar, the average loss is about $2,000. Which is way less than a home without the security camera. The study also suggests that “60% of convicted buglers say they will target another home if they discover a security system in the one they are trying to rob.”

Not only intrusions

Security alarms can also be used to monitor other risks other than crime. For example, you can subscribe to additional services that include smoke alarm, monitoring carbon monoxide as well as other remote home automation services.

Before investing in a home alarm system, you should understand your security goals so you can know what system plan to go for.

How to find the best home alarm system

Comparing home alarm security systems for your home shouldn’t be that complicated. Here are things you should check out on a home alarm system.

  • Monitoring costs

Not all monitoring systems provided by the companies are created equally. Some companies have multiple monitoring centers, and these are ones you should go for. More than one monitoring center means that when one is hit by extreme weather the remaining one will be up and running when needed.

When it comes to monitoring costs, some companies will offer cellular monitoring and others provide landline monitoring. The best option is the cellular monitoring unless you live in an area with a poor cellular network.

  • Installation costs

The company providing the home alarm system should send a team of professionals to install the system for you. This is great because you get a chance to see as the alarm is installed and ask questions. But the downside is that you will have to pay for their labor. Generally, having professionals install the system for you is a good option because you don’t want to risk by installing it yourself.

  • Contract

Just like cell phone bills, you will require to sign a service contract with the company that provides the alarm system. You must understand the length of the contract before deciding to get into business with the home alarm provider.

Here are some of the best home alarm systems in the market today.

This alarm bell is perfect for those seeking to add security to their larger homes. The system supports common wireless standards including Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and Zigbee and can be easily purchased online via Amazon. The alarm kit also comes with an integrated camera as we as a motion sensor.

It is also easy to install and can take you less than 30 minutes. Adobe Lota can work with Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Amazon, and Google Nest.

Arguably the best home alarm system currently, LarmTek puts the security of your home at your fingertips. You will instantly get a notification on your smartphone whenever the doors or windows of your home open, or motion is detected.

Other ring products include Ring Doorbell alongside the LarmTek.

The alarm is easy to install and you don’t need any professional assistance. The system includes 5 items; contact sensor, base station, keypad, motions detector, and range extender.

One of the most affordable alarm systems for your home, Sannce is a market leader. All the devices are easy to install and use and can also be used seamlessly with Google and Alexa voice commands.

Some other honourable mentions

iSmartSafe alarm system has been offering home security since 1999 and is known for its top of the line modern technology. The alarm has voice compatibility of Alexa and Google Assistant.

The plan has a no-contract option, meaning there is no need to sign a contract if you don’t want.

Nest Secure is the best DIY home alarm system with Google Assistant compatibility. You receive alerts on your phone and talk back to them. It is weatherproof and has a 130 degrees view that will show you everything in 1080p HD whether day or night.

This DIY home alarm system has a battery back-up as well as 4G LTE cellular backup. It is very simple to install and without any special tools or professional help.

The system can be obtained without signing any long-term contract with the provider.

The kit includes battery backup, hub with 4G LTE cellular, door panel featuring 2 key fobs, 2 window sensors and stickers, a motion sensor, and a yard sign.


10 thoughts on “Best Home Alarm System: A Honest Review”

  1. Good topic as it is important for no other reason but to keep people off your property, to stop any hint of wanting to steal or invade your property.

    There are a lot of aspects to consider, importantly the monitoring and surveillance costs need to be minimal, as a lot of the time, companies may try to get you to fork out for costs that may be more relevant for a commercial business or commercial sized property.

    Any contracts that are considered should be minimal in length, to give you flexibility with the available options out there and ensuring you are not locked into a cost over and over.

    I really like the look of Nest Secure.

    • Correct. Contracts should be evaluated only if integral part of a bigger security plan for your house but in fairness not all of them are bad for the price. Peace of mind worth much more.

  2. I actually don’t have an alarm in my house currently and I fear my house could be the next target of any burglar. Your review on this alarm have given me the push to want to get an alarm really soon. I dontvrealky care about the price now, I just want a safe home. I’ll go for the Adobe Lota alarm, it has caught my interest and I’m glad I came across this post. Thanks for this informative post. 

  3. The increase in the rate of burglary attempts and attempts have been on a drastic rise here and there’s need to combat it by putting forth germane precautions and that is the reason I want to buy an alarm system. This review has really helped to enlighten me and given me a guide as to the best alarm system to buy. I like the LarmTek device and I would be more than willing to get it. The reviews I saw online is great too.

    • The LamTek is indeed one of the most reliable system. I’m suggesting it to my clients since more than a year and no one complained about this small investment.

  4. I have a friend who uses the home alarm system in his house and they had to pay quite a lot for it. It was effective though as they had a burglar a few months ago and it really helped them in getting who it was. I didn’t even know one needs to sign a contract with the company setting up the alarm system. I’ll talk to my family about this alarm for our home and see how they react to the idea. Thanks.

    • it’s not compulsory to sign a contract. Many of the devices can be even installed by yourself if you get the gist of it. They are fairly simple, but once activated they are excellent shield for your home.

  5. Love your article on the ‘best home alarm system’. I have just purchased my first home and i am looking to update the alarm system as its outdated.  I will bookmark this page for future reference.  I love the new alarm systems that have a camera system for when you are not at home.  My friend as one of these and it show up on his mobile phone.  I will share this post with my friends.  Thanks for this.

    • yes, remote control is essential. You don’t want to act when the damage is done, but possibly avoiding it. My alarm system for instance advises me of a proximity violation and I can see who is it and eventually click the icon that activates the alarm. All of this from my iphone.


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