Annke Security System Review – The Right Step To Protect Your House

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Product: ANNKE 8CH Security Surveillance System
Price: $255,99 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Guarantee: 2 Years Full Warranty + 90 day money back policy.

ANNKE 8CH Security Surveillance System

In this modern time, more people are on the go. Work requires us to travel, living our home prone to theft. In view of this, home security cameras offer businesses and home owner’s maximum security while they are away. This type of equipment is used to prevent occurrence of heinous crimes. This is designed to record activity and movement in the area, and provide clinching evidence once needed. There are some which are fitted with “motion sensors” were in lights turn on before recording; while others are made with “internet connection” so that users can able to remotely control the light.
If you’re looking for a dependable security camera that holds state of the art features, you may consider using ANNKE 8CH Security Surveillance System with Waterproof Night vision Camera as an excellent item that makes my clients feel immediately safer.

What makes this product different?

You can make use of ANNKE 8CH Security Surveillance System in various ways. The kit includes 8× 2MP Bullet Cameras along with a 8CH 1080P lite DVR with 1TB HDD pre-installed. Thisquality camera provides all the things you need to have it running. In addition, the 8 channel DVR is fully integrated hardware-base standalone, real time, USB 2.0 backup and VGA video output. All needed power supplies and cables are includes to make setting more easy and convenient.

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The residential application allow you to monitor your front door, keep tabs on exterior and interior of the home, check family whenever they are away, scare-off burglars and theft because of the camera presence and many more. When it comes to business application, this item can be use to deter robbers and shoplifters, monitor the business remotely, observe both employees and customers and more. In short, both business and residential will never go wrong

Product Features

  • 1080P Live Viewing
  • Advanced H.264+ Video Compression
  • Powerful 5-in-1 DVR
  • Easy Remote Monitoring

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stress enough the importance of the connectivity when it comes to family safety. You always want a system that you can fully control from your smartphone.

mobile app

The Pros

This item suite people’s need because of its assortment of various length cables.
The camera perfectly works in color all day and night.
Allow you to monitor activities and visitors in the area 24/7.
The system works perfectively in mobile and PC.
Provide peace of mind and maximizes security.
Made of high quality material and runs using state of the art software.

The Cons

Technically it’s not fully wireless but it doesn’t really matter because the cables are included in the package.

The manual may need a couple of reads before getting through the setup.


The vitality of the home security camera is continuously growing across the world. In fact, there are more choices now, than ever been. There are great numbers of ways to monitor and secure your home, and the ANNKE 8CH Security Surveillance System is certainly among the best. This item differs from the competition in terms of design, size and cost; where the cameras are more inexpensive and discreet than the others.

I’m suggesting this system since long times to my clients and if you have it or had it, I’d love to read your opinion about it in the comments below.

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