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Hi, Kent here and welcome to Family Security Shield!

Four Years Ago

It was about five pm on a Friday when I left work looking forward to a relaxing evening with my wife. I drove into my driveway and headed straight for my door. What I saw shook me to my roots. The gate to my house was wide open, and so was the front door. It was quite unusual because my partner would not be back at that time. I walked into the house and was dumbfounded. Everything was scattered on the floor, the television set was gone and so was the music system. I prayed under abated breath that they had not touched anything in my bedroom but that was not the case. The jewelry my wife kept in the bed piece too was gone! I was too shocked to even to call the police.

I wondered how I would explain to my daughter that her Nintendo Wifii had been stolen without letting her feel unsafe within the walls of her own room forever. However, I considered myself lucky as the burglars did not come in when we were around. Or worse in our sleep. They could have harmed my daughter and my wife.

I Started My Quest To Protect My House

I had always contemplated getting an alarm system for my house, but for one reason or another I kept on postponing. The burglary was a wake-up call, never would I want a repeat of the same or worse still having my family harmed. We got lucky that one time and there was no assurance of getting lucky the second time. It was about time I beefed the security of our house.

I decided to research on the available alarm systems in the market to ensure that I would never experience such a horrifying experience. It is always important to look up products before purchasing. I was asking advises from friends and co-workers but somehow I was getting only hearsay and vague opinions. So I called a local security company but their consultant turned out to be more of a sales representative, than a security consultant. Yes I wanted a security system but I was looking also for a general sense of safety, that I couldn’t find in their product.

My Family Self Defense

door open

With hours of researches on my shoulders I realized that the notions I acquired could be documented in an ordered matter. A system. I called that research my Family Self Defense, and this site saw the light.

You’ll find here not only my reviews of the security systems I personally tried and tested between my house and my customers, but also a whole set of arrangements that you can start to apply immediately, free and easy to implement, to increase the safety of your family, between the wall of your home and when they are outside too. What you read here is the result of a continuous process of trials and learning that I decided to share first as a personal documentation in a therapy healing kind of way, and also because I felt this danger on my skin and I wanted to prevent the same feeling as much as I could to the people I know and to whoever find himself in the same place I found myself that Friday evening of four years ago.

How Can You Benefit From This Site

You probably read a lot this, but I started this project with the goal to provide as many people as possible with the info I wished to find at the time of my burglary. I was scared and left alone finding a way to protect my family. I did my due diligence and now we sleep comfortable and leave the house without being worried.

Now I know better and with the advises you find on this site, you can too.

Let’s Stay In Touch

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below or write me at admin@familysecurityshield.com and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I am currently looking into buying a house, and I agree security should be a priority with owning a house. I will be back soon when I am ready to purchase, and check out your reviews!
    Thanks for sharing your story. I am glad you are all safe.

  2. Hi Kent! Thank you so much for the information! What a scary time for you and your family, but it sounds like you have done lots of research in what best suits for you. I really appreciate all the research into safety options for the home! Do you have recommendations for outside of the home as well?

    • Thanks Kerry. It has been a scary experience indeed. I put up a structured system for outdoor an inside the house to grant the safety of the people we love. I’ll share everything in this site. Thanks to stick around.


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